Holiday Tablescapes


The holidays are almost upon us and its not too late to put the finishing touches on your gathering table.  A place of community and conversation, your holiday table is also a reflection of your family’s personal style.  Today we offer up six different looks that are reflective of 2013 design trends presented in our annual forecast, ranging from the traditional to the unconventional.

Elegant, sophisticated and ornate, this table delves into the annals of history to merge various eras and aesthetics and then mixes things up, elevating and improving, to create surprises in an understandable yet refreshing way. Integrating heritage items and family treasures with new materials and finishes modernizes your tablescape and develops a gathering place with a timeless quality.

Simple and clean, this  table features a white aesthetic but also incorporates a full range of classic yet refreshed neutrals that are appropriate for today’s attitude. The feeling is effortless but focused, not done in a careless manner, but chosen and put together with uncomplicated ease, creating a sense of order and subdued luxury. The overall effect creates a table that is quiet and reserved but the end result is a flawlessly elegant, relaxed mood that is more contemplative than showy.

Mid-Century Modern continues to make a strong play in decor and this table returns to the 1950′s and 1960′s for inspiration. On this table we try to evoke memories of childhood, incorporate retro styling with the timeless appeal of mid-century looks and iconic goods, revamped with a streamlined look.

Emphasizing nature is important on this table. Raw materials, intricate patterns, rich colors and inspiring textures of our natural environments translates into a tablescape of luxe ruggedness. The result is a rustic aesthetic revisited with a modern sensibility. It honors the beauty in the flawed and the primitive, the marriage of natural and manmade, and creates an eco-sensual elegance that is nourishing and authentic.

This holiday table values the art of modest living and emphasizes the sublime poetry in ordinary, everyday things. Decor celebrates the essentials of life, turning to forgotten values of comfort, function and tradition. The vocabulary speaks of indigenous products, an earth-conscious perspective, and minimal style where each piece is as chic as it is functional.

On this funky table, individuality and originality reign. Mix and match styles, colors, textures and eras. This is your opportunity to express your creativity and self-expression – anything goes!


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