Small Business Saturday

It’s small business Saturday so I thought it would be a great opportunity to remind you that your local stone yard Larry’s Cap Rock and Stone depends on you.

We have 12 employees total. Think about that: 5 fabricators, 4 office staff, 2 truck drivers, and 1 yard foreman. We employ no subcontracted labor. Our company relies on the founder’s core principle to guide and empower our staff : Serve each client humbly, gratefully, and with knowledge.

Our small business started in 1992 when Larry began selling stone to supplement his tire business and clothe and feed his 4 kids. 2 of those 4 kids manage the company.

Pictured from Top to Bottom:

Larry’s grandfather, Joseph Bernard Albregts from Holland

Larry with his wife Sara and their three daughters (2nd in from left to right Rebecca, Rachel & Allyson)

Larry’s father Earl Eugene Albregts with daughter Allyson

Ryan Albregts, Larry’s son





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