Dolomitic Limestone

What is dolomitic limestone?
LCRS partners with quarries in Indiana and Minnesota to supply dolomitic limestone. Dolomitic limestone is a stronger and less porous limestone. Dolomitic limestone is a calcareous stone which is mostly composed of calcium carbonate, this alone making it so very sensitive to and acid or harsh chemicals. Dolomite limestone also has magnesium properties and distinct color veins, which really make it stand apart from other types of limestone. Most other limestones do not have the rich colors found in dolomite limestone. LCRS quarries from three very distinct veins of color.

These ranges offer the uniqueness in color that makes buildings and landscapes stand out from the average brick or other natural stones that are quarried from a single sedimentary vein.
Dolomitic limestone is stronger and less porous stone than oolitic limestone and can handle the freeze thaw cycles of most exterior applications in North America.




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