The Evolving Customer

Right now, we’re still in rebound mode, and it’s too early to tell whether the financial crisis will have a lasting impact on consumer buying behavior and our culture at large.

But one thing is certain right now: consumers are conflicted.

On one hand, they are trying to eradicate the deeply ingrained, self-centered acquisition mentality of the past two decades with a new ethos of community, others-focused service and Voluntary Simplicity. Considerate consumption and resourceful lifestyles are top-of-mind, as we evaluate the space we inhabit, the items we own and how our choices impact those around us and the world at large.

At the same time, the ultra-wealthy consumer still desires highly personalized and exquisite experiences that hold true value. An increasingly homogenized global offering compels consumers to demand more than mere products from their favorite brands, however high the quality of these items. Although now driven by discretion, these consumers still want concierge-style service.

Today, we are putting our values of the last decade under a microscope. We are rejecting the notion that our houses should be designed, built and lived in with the sole purpose of resale. Instead, there is a renaissance of 1950’s values. We are creating homes rather than just investment properties, and cultivating spaces with the intention of staying put rather than flipping. More than ever, we aspire to create memories, build lasting relationships with neighbors, design a living environment suited to our own personal needs and in many cases, permeate our homes with legacy pieces that future generations will appreciate. There is care given to designing more intimate and versatile outdoor living spaces, a return of Victory gardens with the desire to grow our own food and an increased investment in home entertainment. Because the home is becoming a place to build roots and memories, homeowners also have a new attitude toward selecting products—searching for things that have personal meaning and that make emotional connections and demonstrating a preference for private-label products or brands with proven heritage that are imbued with value, unassuming style, exceptional quality and longevity.

Larry’s Cap Rock and Stone embodies these values.





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