Natural Stone Bathtubs – Adapted from A Detailed House

Natural materials, which I adore, are very prevalent in design, so I thought I’d show you some bathtub made from a single rock that range from formal and carved to very untouched and natural-looking. It probably goes without saying, but because of the materials’ durability – and with proper care – they can be used outside as well.

Bathtubs by Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone are created of travertine, onyx, granite or marble, depending on your choice of color and style.

Carved from a huge boulder, they can be given any kind of look, from rough to smooth surface depending on your preference.

Different color variations for stone tubs are based upon materials.
Finally, something ridiculously expensive:

A part of a huge rock crystal that was excavated was hollowed out and shaped with diamond cutters by the Italian company Baldi, who have sold two. One for a Russian magnate for $858,763 (700,000 Euros) and the second for Harrods for a window display at the price of $790,310.







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