Stone Trends 2012

LCRS attended the annual Coverings event in Orlando. This industry specific exhibition bills itself as the “ultimate tile and stone experience”. Typically, it serves a dual purpose. We are easily able to see stone and tile trends as producers debut their latest efforts. The Coverings setting also allows us the opportunity to reconnect with our key vendor/partners. Keeping design trend current and enjoying face to face time with producers are simply imperative to our mission statement. How else can we deliver the best to our clients?
As you would expect, overall exhibitor and attendee count was significantly lower than in the peak pre-Recession years. This observation breaks no new ground. On the other, attendee optimism for economic recovery was very prevalent and this is of course heartening.

Stone Style

Stone color trends continue to indicate white, white and more white. However, many shades of grey were on display, in many cases complementing the whites. Stone finishes, at least in marble, travertine and limestone, show a decided turn toward honed and textured with less emphasis on polished material. This is very consistent with what is observable in our showrooms across the country.

Tile Style

In the tile genre, white is the dominant field color, but we saw a noticeable resurgence in hand painted and embossed feature items. Rectangular shapes are in every producer’s product arsenal, whether in classic are elongated forms. Also notable is the continued mixing of mediums in mosaics when glass is paired with stone. These points again reinforce the business intelligence we are able to garner in our showrooms.

International Flair

As might be expected at such an event, the multi-cultural diversity of the exhibitors plays a significant role. For example, it is a considerable point of interest to observe how a Far Eastern producer and a Middle Eastern producer might interpret the same general product category. As a company, we can take many lessons from this internationalism. Coverings has always provided this perspective.

We look forward to Coverings in Atlanta, GA next year.




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