Spotlight: Orlando Comas










Landscape Architect Orlando Comas started his South Florida studio in 1996,
after practicing ten years abroad in South America.

He is responsible for designing many projects in South Florida, South and Central America and the Caribbean. His works include private residential gardens, commercial and institutional buildings, hotels and beach resorts. He is a State of Florida licensed Landscape Architect and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. During his career he has completed over two hundred commissions, some of which have been featured prominently in local, national and international publications.

For ten years he was based in Caracas, Venezuela with frequent travels to Brazil. In South America his practice included small private gardens, large residential estates, government buildings, parks and large tourist resorts.His interest in horticulture and the lack of plant material availability provided him the opportunity to create what became one of the largest private ornamental nurseries in Venezuela. At the nursery he experimented with natives and exotics. Seeds and cuttings were brought in from South Florida, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico and Brazil.

He received a “2010 Award of Honor” from the FLASLA – American Society of Landscape Architects for a Coral Gables Residence, and also the AIA – American Institute of Architects, Miami Chapter conferred upon him the “Landscape Architect of the Year Award”.

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