Florida Keystone- Why Aren’t You Using it or Specifying It?

Rumor: Florida Keystone is rare and only 1 company can mine it.

Fact: “Mining” is not permitted in Monroe County where Florida Keystone is reclaimed. Quarrying and reclamation is dependent upon the development occuring & the infrastructure needed for those developments. We currently have a 3-5 year supply of blocks above ground as does our primary competitor. The pricing of Florida Keystone is slightly higher than Dominican or Phillipino shellstone & that is primarily driven by our higher labor costs.

Rumor: Florida Keystone is too porous for architectural work.

Fact: Although extremely intricate work will reveal voids of brain coral in the material. It is part of the patina and appeal of this beautiful Florida material. Florida Keystone is eligible for LEED certification on local projects when used as cladding or flooring. We are currently testing it so that we can provide ASTM data on it.

All Installs Featured In Gallery Below Are Compliments Of Palm Beach Cast Stone

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