Are you Green Tech?

In the storm that is Facebook’s IPO, I paused to take note of the way the social network has transformed the way we live now.

Is Facebook worth the $100 billion or so its pending IPO suggests it is? Who knows? But one thing we can all be certain about is how the social network has radically changed people’s behavior and expectations online in the eight short years since it wasn’t more than sparkle in the eye of its founder(s). Those changes have had the monumental impact of facilitating the formation of entirely new industries and dramatically shifting the way brands market themselves online including the green industry and the allied stone industry.

There are things we do online today, that we take so much for granted that we forget that some of them didn’t exist even as recently as 2 years ago. And yet all of these things are not only commonplace today, they are the presumed paradigms. To operate any differently would seem downright odd.
If past is prologue, I am confident Facebook will continue to innovate in the years to come, thereby continuing to transform how individuals and businesses interact online and creating a whole new set of economic opportunities. Whether that translates into enough revenue to merit the initial offering is another story.

I must admit this whole social media thing doesn’t come naturally to me. It is a little overwhelming especially if you are just starting. I will tell you though that Twitter, Linked In, ITunes Apps and even Facebook are great tools to learn more about green materials or promote your craft to very targeted audiences if used correctly.

Two great new resources for me:

For almost every need, there’s a social media platform to guide you through the tangle of options. For restaurants, check Yelp. For hotels, Trip Advisor. For that guy you met last night who seemed kind of cool, Facebook. But for that new apartment that had great light but felt a little drafty? Nothing. Honest Buildings, which launched March 19, 2012 aims to fill that gap and simultaneously encourage building owners to make greener choices. Search an address in one of 5,570 cities, and ratings on the building’s walkability, energy use, and LEED compliance shed light on its green performance. Join the network, and you can review, comment on, or add photos of a building. Members who design, build, and repair buildings can showcase particular projects and link them to the building’s profile page.

For a more local spotlight on all things green:
Miami Green Info- A monthly calendar of green inspired events…
The site is curated by a really awesome new landscape architect Carlos Somoza. Somoza’s family hails from Nicaragua and makes a mean flan and tres leches. Check out But Somoza didn’t pursue the family business. His passion for landscape and architecture in South Florida is fresh and inspiring. Check out this new young voice on the Miami landscape architecture scene. Or catch one of his garden design classes at Fairchild Garden Center. Sign up for his Twitter feed. You won’t be sorry.

For your local plant material there are 3 big players to choose from: which features a very cool mobile app

All feature searchable databases. All are easy to navigate. And all have friendly knowledgable live staff who regularly head to the various nurseries so they can educate you about the nuances of each grower and his or her production.

If you are an iTunes junkie check out Rainbird’s Irrigation App or The Marble Institute of America’s North American Stone App. Many local businesses have chosen to pursue the paradigm of just buy what’s on the shelf. But the educated client or architect is welcome at Larry’s Cap Rock and Stone. If we don’t have it , we’ll find it at the lowest price possible with the best service you will find in south Florida.









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