Can Limestone Be Flamed?

The one thing I love about my job is I am constantly learning. So, I had a client request flamed limestone and after exhaustive research I learned more about the process of flaming and why it is not commonly used with the native limestones we are most familiar with.

Let’s begin with the definition of flamed finish.


There are a limited number of limestones that can achieve a flamed finish. It is possible to achieve a flamed finish when the limestone is composed of several dissimilar minerals with differing rates of thermal linear expansion. When a limestone is composed of minerals having different rates of thermal linear expansion and the stone is exposed to high heat, the minerals with the highest rate of expansion will expand and break from the face of the stone. If the stone is exposed to a high heat source for a prolonged period of time the limestone will burn and be reduced to lime. The flamed texture that a limestone achieves will be flatter than the flamed texture of an igneous stone. Many limestones will appear rose or red after the flaming process.
One of the limestones that does behave well with the flaming process is: French Limestone.

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