Last Days of Pompeii

In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius erupted leaving Pompeii buried under ash and pumice which preserved it for centuries underground. The excavation of Pompeii’s glorious stone started 200 years ago. The elements and the 3 million tourists the site receives have left Pompeii vulnerable to a second destruction. In November 2010 the House of Gladiators collapsed due to water damage. Several weeks later the House of Moralist garden walls and the House of Lupanare crashed to the ground. Despite the problems the site does not need a major overhaul just routine maintenance. Pulling weeds, patching frescos, shoring roofs, and establishing good drainage are the fundamentals and will do the trick.

It is essential that the very talented stone masons of Europe step up to preserve this UNESCO World Heritage site. At press time the European Union had committed $140 million to the cause.








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