Introducing… Florida Keystone

Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone is proud to introduce a new limestone to our extensive line of building limestones & shellstones. We are currently quarrying and fabricating Florida Keystone. Florida Keystone is a rare limestone found only in The Florida Keys. It can only be reclaimed off of existing development projects. Florida Keystone contains a variety of fossilized shells of different sizes and densities. The quality of this coral varies depending on the land where it is excavated.Some areas of coral have large sections of fossilized Brain Coral, and other sections are composed of smaller shells and fossilized plants. Keystone has various textures. depending on the shells it is composed of. Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone initially cuts the coral rock into blocks, and transports it to our fabrication facility, where it is cut to the customer’s specifications.
“We are excited to offer this versatile old Florida stone,” said Larry Albregts. For additional information about Florida Keystone properties, costs, and best practices regarding installation please contact Allyson Humphries, Senior Director Architectural Sales & Marketing or Henry Certain, Landscape Sales Director.

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