Rooftop Wonders

If you are flying into Miami as I did last night you generally see a wide swatch of orange clay barrel tile roofs. Indiana is dotted with dark slate. But the more forward thinking among us are incorporating green roofs to help cool things down.

1. Sporty- Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Native prairie plants with permeable pavers that mimic the veins of a leaf

2. Edible -Brooklyn Grange, Queens, New York
Six stories above ground, will double 40000 square foot growing area in Spring, currently produces peppers, tomatoes, eggplant

3. Industrial – Ford Dearborn Truck Plant, Dearborn, Michigan
10.4 acres was designated the largest industrial green roof in the world; reduces heating and cooling usage by 5 percent

4. Walkable – High Line, New York City
The 1.45 mile roof is the longest green roof in the United States. It boasts incredible views of the Manhattan skyline for the thousands of commuters that use it each day.

5.Unique- Vancouver Convention Center – Vancouver, British Colombia
Largest non-industrial roof in North America; first convention center to earn a Platinum LEED rating

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