Indiana Limestone

So as many of you know I am in Oolitic, Indiana. I am attending an architectural class so I can further educate architects about Indiana Limestone, it’s uses and limitations. Our seminar today was classroom based and was followed by a walking tour of limestone installations at Indiana University. Here are a few highlights:

1- Sample Gates (1987)-Gothic arches and buttresses are an appropriate and beautiful entry to IU.

2-Bryan Hall (1936)- Bryan Hall was one of the first buildings constructed with Depression era Federal Works finds. It is Art Deco in style.

3-Franklin Hall (1908)- It has elements of both Gothic (window treatments) and Jacobean(chimney and gable ends). It currently houses student services.

4-Student Building (1905)- It was originally a female dorm and sports evidence of the Romanesque Revival style. A fire in the attic destroyed the building in 1990 but it was come rely rebuilt with original drawings.

5-Maxwell House (1890)-It was built with Romanesque Revival influences typical of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

6-Owen Hall & Wylie Hall (1885)-These two buildings were the first buildings on the present day campus. Both feature a combination of Italianate and High Victorian Gothic styles.

7-Kirkwood Hall (1895)- Kirkwood was finished five years after Maxwell and shares many of its Romanesque features.

8-Lindley Hall (1903)- Lindley resembles Kirkwood in overall plan and it’s extensive use of rock face limestone.

9-Swain Hall East (1910) and Swain Hall West (1940). Swain Hall East does not have a discernible style. Swain Hall West is the Collegiate Gothic Style. In 1957 the buildings were joined.

10-Rawls Hall (1923) sports Collegiate Gothic Style. Limestone is laid in a broken style rather than an Ashlar pattern.

11-Myers Hall (1937) is streamlined Gothic with Art Deco elements. The south entry features a hand carved limestone frieze depicting an anatomist, pharmacologist, and physiologist.

12-Simon Hall (2007) is an Art Modern version of Collegiate Gothic which allows the high tech building to blend with the historical parts of the campus.

13-Jordan Hall (1954) is an unadorned Collegiate Gothic with a pointed arch and gothic windows above main entrance.

14-Memorial Hall (1925) is Collegiate Gothic with turrets over the arched entry and an ornate IU seal.

15-Ballantine Hall (1958) is unadorned Modern style.

16-Chemistry Building (1931) is Collegiate Gothic and additions in 1964 and 1987 retain many of the design elements of the original building.

17-Beck Chapel (1957) is a modified Tudor style chapel. It has an adjoining cemetery that dates back to the early 1800’s.

18-Indiana Memorial Union (1932) is the largest student union building in the world under a single roof. Additions were made in 1939,1946, and 1960 but all additions embraced the Collegiate Gothic influences of the campus.

Stay tuned for pictures from the quarries which are state of the art. Each block when quarried is UPC coded so that if you need additional material Larry’s Cap Rock and Stone through ILCO can pull blocks matching the same color and texture exactly, Even if you purchased them several years ago. Larry’s Cap Rock and Stone is the only preferred fabricator and stocking dealer in Florida of Indiana Limestone.

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