Although pool permits in Florida are nowhere near pre-recession levels, the time to buy is now. If you have been sitting on the fence South Florida is home to some of the most talented pool contractors, many of whom are also licensed to do work in the Caribbean. Trends that have emerged for 2012 in pool construction.

1- Pools are designed to fit spaces. As the yard size has shrunk so has the pool plan.

2-Low Maintenance. Many professionals look for the least maintenance possible. In floor cleaning systems are becoming the norm, not a luxury they once were.

3-Energy Efficient. Variable speed pumps and energy efficient LED are the rage.

4-Natural colors with tones thare are light are the most popular.

5-Home integration. Many pools previously were in the farthest corner of the yard. Pools are now viewed as essential components of the outdoor room and are the focal point of the yard.

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