How To Amplify Your Area

South Florida’s urban nature has many of us working with smaller spaces as it relates to our backyards. I can attest that my 6000 sq ft oasis needs some major help. Since, I am in the industry I am exposed to so many incredible and talented architects and materials that I am overwhelmed with choices. And because I am overwhelmed I have not started the process. For the do it yourselfers, I started researching ways to increase the overall space or appearance of space in your yard.

Here are the main concepts I took away:

1- Keep your concept simple. Install your hardscape or stone first. Don’t cram every idea you have ever seen in Veranda, Southern Living & Garden Design into a small garden.

2- Opt for clean lines & minimal colors. I know this goes against the grain of my Latin brothers and sisters who are drawn to vibrant colors. But trust me. You will maintain more of a visual flow.

3- Define spaces with walls or tall shrubs. These will serve as your backdrop.

4- Build the largest structure your budget will allow. Cramped patios make tight spaces smaller.

So if you can’t afford the genius of Raymond Jungles, Sanchez & Maddux, Nievera Williams Design or Bell-Aqui Landscape Architecture, keep these simple rules in mind when creating your own tropical oasis.

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