Who Is Larry?

Born in 1950 in Delphi, Indiana to a farmer, Larry is the eldest of 3 children. Larry, no stranger to hard work started driving a tractor at the age of 7. His legs were not long enough to reach the pedals so his father Earl tied his feet to the pedals, well before OSHA and various farm safety rules were effected. Hard work, diligence, and education were paramount in the Albregts household. And as the only boy in a large Catholic farm family, a heavy load was carried by the young lad. At the age of 17, Larry & his family moved to Tampa, Florida. Larry began his education at the University of South Florida. He studied engineering. It was at the University of South Florida that he met his wife Sara of 40 years. Eager to start a family Larry soon traded in the textbooks for a phone & adding machine. He managed his father-in-law’s truck brokerage firm hauling avocadoes. After his father in law passed away from cancer Larry began his own business in the late 1970’s selling & servicing large industrial tires. In 1992 a client could not afford to pay him for his tire work & bartered a load of rock.

Seeing the potential in native limestones Larry began his career in stone. Shortly therafter he added his son to the roster & began diversifying his product line. Although the line has evolved & the business has grown, Larry has never forgotten the ethics or hard work that are the backbone of his company.


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