Meet The Craftsman – Part Two- Profile Fred Hernandez

Operation Peter Pan (Operación Peter Pan or Operación Pedro Pan) is a codename of the CIA project, in course of which over 14,000 Cuban children were sent from Cuba to Miami by their parents after rumors were spread that the Cuban government led by Fidel Castro will soon begin taking children against the wishes of their parents to military schools and to Soviet labour camps. The operation took place between 1960 and 1962, and was designed to transport the children of parents who opposed the revolutionary government, and was later expanded to include children of parents concerned that their children would be shipped to Soviet labour camps.[1] With the help of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh , the children were placed with friends, relatives and group homes in 35 states including Florida.

Alfredo Hernandez was one of those children and he grew up with relatives in Miami, Florida. Fred who is now 50 – has two grown children Fred Jr & Jessica. Fred Jr. works alongside his father learning the trade. Standing at 5’3 inches Fred has the swagger of John Travolta, the potty mouth of Al Pacino in Scarface and the stature of Danny Devito. He started his career as a CDL driver and moved on to become a certified electrician. These skills were essential building blocks for his current position as Shop Foreman. I caught up with Fred this week to grill him with questions. Between his chainsmoking & occasional grin here is a recap of what I was able to extricate:

A: What was your favorite job to supervise?

F: Disney, Golden Oaks.

A: Why?

F: The architect had a clear vision of the look he desired & worked with our team on the best way to achieve it. He was open to suggestions & the proess.

A: What do you like best about your job?

F: The travel. I have enjoyed working in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, & Jamaica. I want you guys to sell a project in Europe now.

A: What do you like least?

F: The hours because they take me away from wife Alieda & my grandchildren.

A: What about your 2 previous jobs prepared you for your current role?

F: My work as a truck driver helps me point out to the owners how much time deliveries should take & who doesn’t embrace our time sensitive culture quickly. My work as an electrician helps me figure out machining issues & fix them before they spiral out of control. And my Cuban work ethic keeps the guys underneath me motivated. You work as hard as your boss does. I pitch right in and I dont mind getting wet. And I value the guys who do the same thing.










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