A Bouillabase Of Installations – 2008


I was checking out a bouillabase recipe and it got me thinking about many of the pictures that dont make it on our catalogs.

The name bouillabaisse comes from the method of the preparation – the ingredients are not added all at once. The broth is first boiled (bolh) then the different kinds of ingredients are added one by one, and each time the broth comes to a boil, the heat is lowered (abaissa).

The reasons for lack of inclusion of the bouillabase of photos vary. They include resolution of photo, whether the installer paid us, and the positioning of the picture. 2008 was a banner year for receipt of install photos. You would be surprised. Trying to get landscapers, architects, or general contractors to submit pictures is almost as difficult as extracting teeth.

As always if any of these are appealing to you- just check with Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone so we may provide the stone type, landscape architect, recommended installer, and pricing. We endeavor to carry a wide variety of stones in stock. But we can offer significant savings on special order items too.

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